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Iron Man -head model
2008-09-10-Wed  CATEGORY: Diary
I done the lowpoly head model today, click the image to see the recorded animation:
Click here to see the animation
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A flash I made 7 years ago
2008-09-07-Sun  CATEGORY: Misc
Some times internet is really a funny thing, it's like a Diary,record your histroy. I just found this little flash movie which I made 7 years ago ..... I was so damn stupid , have fun:

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XBall Test Version
2008-09-07-Sun  CATEGORY: Misc
This is a playable test version, in this version you could push R and Y to control the WhiteBall beside use skills. But pls note it still cost MP.
Well, Don't expect this to be fun... just playable, haha
You could download here(33MB):

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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2008-09-06-Sat  CATEGORY: Misc
I'm coding a small game recenttly, Named "X Ball", It's like a billiards game,but with different rules. You will have 4 balls on the table:
White Ball: The only ball you can control with 10 skills in the buttom.
Red Ball: -200 scores if fall into the hole.
Bule Ball: +200 scores if fall into the hole.
Yellow Ball: Double the scores you got last time.

It's 80% finished, graphics and codes all done, but the game play is not that fun in the current stage, still adjusting. Here is a screenshot:
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My Blog
2008-09-06-Sat  CATEGORY: Diary
My first hompage was uploaded 7 years ago, It was a very simple one, just had my profile and some stupid gifs there. It was like drug taking, Once you have it, you can't stop making it. I guess I made at least 20 homepages with different designs within a year, the newest one always better than older.

That was the the golden age of homepagers, free web spaces and free domain names every where. Every ISP was tring to capture this big cake. Like usual, after the golden age, the dark age came. Most ISP already got enough cakes in their storage, it's time to sell them out. But yeah, they have promissed always provide free cakes, but the free cakes became hard to swallowed. Slower and slower access speed, smaller and smaller web space, more and more AD... Alot homepagers quit, I didn't, I was a seriously drugster. I paied for my flash site. Fast speed, huge space, everything turned into nice as long as you paid. Like I said, you did once, you can't stop make again. So I paid more for ASP support, SQL data base, Bigger bandwidth, Setuped my own forum. That was crazy.

When the Blog thing showed up, I was still running my last website, So I was'nt that interested at it in the first place. But less than 1 year, I found the amazing point of Blog, it turned everyone to be a homepager, and linked them together. In the past, usually only homepager will visit another homepager's site, and you have to make a lot links and posts to bring more visitors all the time. But Blog put everyone together, you could easily show your face around, and there always have new visitors as long as you update. So, at last, I got one too, Blake.Seow's Blog, be sure come around when you get time!

BTW,I would like to explain why I type English instead of Chinese. For my job reason, most of my friends and colleagues in this industry are foreigners. I want my blog to be a place connect fans and developers of China game industry to the world, so for most post I will type English,so both of us can understand. Let's work together to make this come ture.
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