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A flash I made 7 years ago
2008-09-07-Sun  CATEGORY: Misc
Some times internet is really a funny thing, it's like a Diary,record your histroy. I just found this little flash movie which I made 7 years ago ..... I was so damn stupid , have fun:

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XBall Test Version
2008-09-07-Sun  CATEGORY: Misc
This is a playable test version, in this version you could push R and Y to control the WhiteBall beside use skills. But pls note it still cost MP.
Well, Don't expect this to be fun... just playable, haha
You could download here(33MB):

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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2008-09-06-Sat  CATEGORY: Misc
I'm coding a small game recenttly, Named "X Ball", It's like a billiards game,but with different rules. You will have 4 balls on the table:
White Ball: The only ball you can control with 10 skills in the buttom.
Red Ball: -200 scores if fall into the hole.
Bule Ball: +200 scores if fall into the hole.
Yellow Ball: Double the scores you got last time.

It's 80% finished, graphics and codes all done, but the game play is not that fun in the current stage, still adjusting. Here is a screenshot:
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